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Donde nos trae el zeitgeist

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The Idealism

Based on the ethics that we justify and regulate our actions through reasonable, reliable and binding considerations.

An ideal is not a utopia or unattainable fiction. A traceable ideal is free of opinions or compromises if the following principles are recognized and integrated within us.
Everyone has his own understanding, but one can agree upon something. You can argue about opinions..., but if the roof has a hole, the rain will teach something else …


Derived from the Greek philosophy means love of wisdom. A strive for clarity.

There are many concepts that involve love and mean the pursuit of this something. One of these words is philanthropy.
The philosophical approach that idealism cultivates is thus the love for things. The laws known from the hermetic teachings serve the consciousness thereto. Among other things as above so below. This clarifies how mechanisms of energies in a larger context describe the influence on the individual.


Love wants to know, wants the truth. And love wants everything: the whole truth, attention and thus all the love in reflection.

Because the terms with reference to love or Philia have already been mentioned, the Greek term means the love between friends, here the drive is foregrounded.
Another branch is the love of spirituality. For one thing, the term itself is raped. Where does spirituality start and who has got it, who hasn't? Or even: That does not exist at all!. An imperfect materialist would say so.
Both sides exist though. The master of the spiritual reflects discredit on the materialist and vice versa. God wants the middle course. Love says live and let live. Of which more later.


With the power of truth and the back adjusted mind, it is easier to become aware of problems and solutions, and fears and worries can be banished easier.

Consciousness can be trained through attention and the cultivation of good energies. It is a necessary need to do this whenever possible in order to wake up and to train or abate your own desired habits.
The truth behaves like sunshine on the soul, when you perceive the things properly again. Vision, imagination, hearing, feeling, in other words, all the senses that are available, need to be corrected.
With this kind of freedom in the head it is possible to live idealism. Everyone for themselves and all together.


When all human beings find each other in love and truth, there where no longer false results. The Zeitgeist pulls people away from imbalances towards a centred state.

If something is thrown out of joint, the following happens: strong airstream can tear off a loose part of a car relatively quickly or in a family: it starts with trifles, seething slowly to become a volcano and it can have destroying effects.
It is always necessary to struggle against it - the destructive forces. In nature or above people’s heads this happens automatically. So it is part of human nature to go back and forth between the extremes.
Since the years after 2000, the half-truths have the bestseller in sight, which means that it is now finally time to clean up with everything.

Independent postings (till next version will go online):

The Ideal - Free Energy

There are many things that the human considers as a wonder and thats for him something impossible, too. At least those humans of the materialism society. If someone is talking about free energies, he understands somewhat of the technologies as the solar panels.
There are also useable, independent, everlasting energies, you can't see them and the effect of them can only be seen with special meters. The quest is how to transform those unused energies to useable current.
That there are many modern technologies that have alreay been discovered, but lying under prohibitation, points to the necessity to free them with enforcement. A free autark human being lives his ideal and recognizes out of it the love to the things. He strives to a live without any kind of jail.
The ideal points on this question: Why should I buy solar panels, if there is something much easier?.
And exactly that depicts the motor of idealism: away of complicational systems to easier effective ones!.
Besides there is also the path away from lies: The market of energy power tells us what there is and has to be, pushing up the price of the current as it wishes.
The capitalistic market is not interested to give up and therefor it surpresses everything that seemes to break it up. There would never grow a seperate market without punishment or turning away from the existing powerful companies, that are empowered by its customers, thus you! This mechanism is the blockade of our future.

Hermetic Proof: Like the big, so the small

A political example: How it came to the blame of mistakes in problem solutions and therefor the discourage, that makes it also heavy to every one to find its power: he is discouraged.

Proof of love to truth

translation and corrections in work ah progress :o)

An own chapter: Insanity - in german a connection between 'wahn' and 'sinn', means 'mention or decision' and 'sense'


Half truth